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OpenApp Pay radically simplifies the shopping process

Dataless online checkout takes only several seconds for your customers to complete

Boost your conversions

OpenApp checkout and payment is just one click. Checkout data is sent together with payment confirmation. It significantly reduces percentage of abandoned baskets

More users accounts

Setting up an account takes just a scan of your face or your finger, with no need for passwords. A truly disruptive simplicity.

More marketing data

OpenApp simplifies transactions, while the store receives the same amount of customers data for analytics and remarketing.

How much does it cost?

Single checkout and payment fee of

*rate applies to direct API integration with OpenApp


For stores operating on shopping platforms, the fee may vary.


Find out what sales growth you can achieve with OpenApp.

Enter the parameters of your store and check different scenarios…

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More sales and remarketing possibilities

The simplicity of OpenApp checkout boosts sales and the number of user accounts, which increases the base for re-marketing and post-sale activities.

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What is OpenApp?

We are a technology company licensed as a Small Payment Institution. We operate under the supervision of the Polish Financial Authority .

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